The Very Rare Pokémon rarity signifies Pokémon and eggs that are incredibly difficult to encounter under normal circumstances. Mostly equivalent to the "Legendary" classification in the video games, Very Rare Pokémon tend to have special requirements, such as the use of Summoning Items or the completion of Explorations to obtain them reliably. As with all non-Novelty Pokémon, they can appear in the Lab, but with incredibly low probability.

Obtaining Very Rare PokémonEdit

There are currently 92 Very Rare Pokémon on GPX+, which counts Form Changed versions of these Pokémon as distinct Pokédex entries.

Summoning ItemsEdit

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Several Very Rare Pokémon can be obtained by using Summoning Items found in treasure chests, brought back from the Underground, or purchased from the Back room for 15,000 points or in the Prize Shop for 20 Prize Points (except for the Enigma Stone, which costs 15 Prize Points).

Events and ExplorationsEdit

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Main article: Explorations

Originally, the non-Summonable Very Rare Pokémon could only be obtained through the Monthly Event system; the implementation of monthly Special Explorations eventually replaced the Monthly Event system, however, and most remaining Very Rare Pokémon were made to be available through Explorations. Administrators have stated that, eventually, all Very Rare, non-Summonable Pokémon will be made available through Explorations. In May 2015, the Monthly Event system returned, now featured alongside the Explorations system, giving users more potential opportunities to obtain Very Rare Pokémon. This has occasionally been the method that many Very Rare Pokémon are first made available, prior to a Special Exploration or other method being created for them.

Egg VouchersEdit

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Certain vouchers can also be used to obtain most of the Very Rare Pokémon, except for Arceus. As such, they are extremely rare; one of them can be purchased for 200 Prize Points, while the rest have been awarded as the rewards for certain Achievements or Contests.

Header EventsEdit

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Manaphy can only be obtained by clicking the Tiny Egg that can occasionally be found in the header when the user has at least one empty spot in his party. Eventually the Pokémon Hoopa was also made available through a similar Header Event known as the Strange Portal.

Cypress BredEdit

The automated Professor Cypress bot is able to breed Mew and Ditto and can, on occasion, produce Very Rare Pokémon eggs, which are released to the Shelter and made available to all users.

Commander Wymsy's BirthdayEdit

In 2011, Commander Wymsy celebrated her birthday by awarding a Voucher to users that performed at least 1500 interactions. This voucher had the potential to summon the egg of Articuno, Lugia, Groudon, Giratina, or Virizon, along with approximately one other Pokémon of every type per generation (as depicted here, although some users reported receiving Pokémon not on this list).

List of Very Rare PokémonEdit

The following table shows the Very Rare Pokémon and the primary method in which they can be obtained. Most of these Pokémon can also be found extremely rarely in the Lab, in the Shelter (bred by Cypress or dropped by other users) or by using particular Egg Vouchers.

Note that not all methods of obtaining the following Pokémon are listed. Generally, the method listed is simply the primary or most common method.

Icon Pokémon Method
Articuno Icon Articuno Exploration
The Three Singing Chatot
Zapdos Icon Zapdos
Moltres Icon Moltres
Mewtwo Icon Mewtwo Exploration
Deep in the Laboratory
Mega Mewtwo X Icon Mega Mewtwo X Mega Evolve Mewtwo
(Max happiness + Mewtwonite X Mewtwonite X + Macho-brace Macho Brace)
Mega Mewtwo Y Icon Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Evolve Mewtwo
(Max happiness + Mewtwonite Y Mewtwonite Y + Shiny Stone Shiny Stone)
Mew Icon Mew Exploration
Forgotten Memories
Raikou Icon Raikou Exploration
Tour of Illusions
Entei Icon Entei
Suicune Icon Suicune
Lugia Icon Lugia Summoning Item
Bag Silver Wing Sprite Silver Wing
Ho-oh Icon Ho-oh Summoning Item
Bag Rainbow Wing Sprite Rainbow Wing
Celebi Icon Celebi Exploration
The Quiet Forest
Regirock Icon Regirock Exploration
The Hidden Ruins
Regice Icon Regice
Registeel Icon Registeel
Latias Icon Latias Summoning Item
Bag Soul Dew Sprite Soul Dew
Mega Latias Icon Mega Latias Mega Evolve Latias
(Max happiness + Latiasite Latiasite + Latios Icon Latios in party)
Latios Icon Latios Summoning Item
Bag Soul Dew Sprite Soul Dew
Mega Latios Icon Mega Latios Mega Evolve Latios
(Max happiness + Latiosite Latiosite + Latias Icon Latias in party)
Kyogre Icon Kyogre Summoning Item
Bag Blue Orb Sprite Blue Orb
Primal Kyogre Icon Primal Kyogre Primal Revert Kyogre
(Max happiness + Alpha Sapphire Alpha Sapphire + Rain Rain)
Groudon Icon Groudon Summoning Item
Bag Red Orb Sprite Red Orb
Primal Groudon Icon Primal Groudon Primal Revert Groudon
(Max happiness + Omega Ruby Omega Ruby + Sunny Sunny)
Rayquaza Icon Rayquaza Summoning Item
Bag Green Orb Sprite Green Orb
Mega Rayquaza Icon Mega Rayquaza Mega Evolve Rayquaza
(Max happiness + Ascension Stone Ascension Stone + Groudon Icon Groudon and Kyogre Icon Kyogre in party)
Jirachi Icon Jirachi Exploration
Needing a Friend
Deoxys Normal Form Icon Deoxys [Normal] Exploration
Star Guided Journey
Form Change Deoxys (Any Form)
(After waiting five days + Aurora Aurora)
Deoxys Attack Form Icon Deoxys [Attack]
Deoxys Defense Form Icon Deoxys [Defense]
Deoxys Speed Form Icon Deoxys [Speed]
Uxie Icon Uxie Exploration
Mesprit Icon Mesprit
Azelf Icon Azelf
Dialga Icon Dialga Summoning Item
Bag Adamant Orb Sprite Adamant Orb
Palkia Icon Palkia Summoning Item
Bag Lustrous Orb Sprite Lustrous Orb
Heatran Icon Heatran Summoning Item
Bag Magma Rock Sprite Magma Rock
Regigigas Icon Regigigas Exploration
King of the Temple
Giratina Another Form Icon Giratina [Another] Summoning Item
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite Griseous Orb
Giratina Origin Form Icon Giratina [Origin] Form Change Giratina Another Form
(After waiting five days)
Cresselia Icon Cresselia Summoning Item
Bag Lunar Wing Sprite Lunar Wing
Manaphy Icon Manaphy Header Event
Tiny Egg Tiny Egg
Darkrai Icon Darkrai Exploration
Deep Desires
Shaymin Land Form Icon Shaymin [Land] Summoning Item
Bag Gracidea Flower Sprite Gracidea Flower
Shaymin Sky Form Icon Shaymin [Sky] Form Change Shaymin Land Form
(After waiting five days + Cloudy Cloudy)
Arceus Icon Arceus Grand Prize for various special contests. See Arceus for more info.
Arceus Icon Arceus [Typed] Exploration
Death of the World
Victini Icon Victini Exploration
Babysitting Adventure
Cobalion Icon Cobalion Exploration
A Trio of Trials
Terrakion Icon Terrakion
Virizion Icon Virizion
Tornadus Incarnate Form Icon Tornadus [Incarnate] Exploration
Mansion of Gods
Tornadus Therian Form Icon Tornadus [Therian] Form Change Tornadus Incarnate Form
(Reveal-glass Reveal Glass)
Thundurus Incarnate Form Icon Thundurus [Incarnate] Exploration
Mansion of Gods
Thundurus Therian Form Icon Thundurus [Therian] Form Change Thundurus Incarnate Form
(Reveal-glass Reveal Glass)
Reshiram Icon Reshiram Exploration
Summon the Hero
Zekrom Icon Zekrom
Landorus Incarnate Form Icon Landorus [Incarnate] Exploration
Mansion of Gods
Landorus Therian Form Icon Landorus [Therian] Form Change Landorus Incarnate Form
(Reveal-glass Reveal Glass)
Kyurem Icon Kyurem Exploration
Beneath the Frozen Forest
Black Kyurem Icon Black Kyurem Form Change Kyurem
(After waiting five days + Dark-stone Dark Stone + Zekrom Icon Zekrom in party)
White Kyurem Icon White Kyurem Form Change Kyurem
(After waiting five days + Light-stone Light Stone + Reshiram Icon Reshiram in party)
Keldeo Ordinary Form Icon Keldeo [Ordinary] Exploration
Protecting the Fragile
Keldeo Resolute Form Icon Keldeo [Resolute] Form Change Keldeo Ordinary Form
(After waiting five days + Cobalion Icon Cobalion, Terrakion Icon Terrakion, and Virizion Icon Virizion in party)
Meloetta Voice Form Icon Meloetta [Voice] Exploration
Finding Your Muse
Meloetta Step Form Icon Meloetta [Step] Form Change Meloetta Voice Form
(After waiting five days + Macho-brace Macho Brace)
Genesect Icon Genesect Exploration
Dark Saturday
Xerneas Neutral Form Icon Xerneas [Neutral] Egg Voucher
Legend-voucher-plus Legend Voucher Plus
Xerneas Active Form Icon Xerneas [Active] Form Change Xerneas Neutral Form
(After waiting five days)
Yveltal Icon Yveltal Egg Voucher
Legend-voucher-plus Legend Voucher Plus
Zygarde Icon Zygarde Exploration
The Order of Terminus Cave
Diancie Icon Diancie Exploration
Diamonds are Forever
Mega Diancie Icon Mega Diancie Mega Evolve Diancie
(Max happiness + Diancite Diancite + Carbink Merrick Icon Carbink [Merrick], Carbink Bort Icon Carbink [Bort], Carbink Allotrope Icon Carbink [Allotrope], and Carbink Dace Icon Carbink [Dace] in party)
Hoopa Confined Form Icon Hoopa [Confined] Header Event
Strange Portal Strange Portal
Hoopa Unbound Form Icon Hoopa [Unbound] Form Change Hoopa Confined Form
(Prison-bottle Prison Bottle)
Volcanion Icon Volcanion Summoning Item
Electronic Band Electronic Band
Tapu Koko Icon Tapu Koko Egg Voucher
Tapu Koko Voucher Tapu Koko Voucher


  • Of all Very Rare Pokémon that are able to Form Change, only Deoxys' Forms have individual eggs. All four Deoxys can change among their different Forms given the proper conditions, however this does not unlock the data on the eggs for the said Forms. Each Deoxys Egg must be obtained individually to fully complete Deoxys' Pokédex Data.